Our Committed Partners & Individual Pledges

Thanks for taking a stand!


Our Partners

The following organizations and individuals have signed the Thriving Communities Collaborative Covenant and agreed to partner with us in moving toward a more thriving Baltimore.

Baltimore Child Abuse Center


The Baltimore Child Abuse Center (BCAC) provides coordinated interventions when abuse is reported, treatment to aid in the healing of survivors and their families, adult education around recognizing, reporting and preventing abuse, and advocacy at local, state, and national levels.

Echo Resource Development

Echo Resource Development works within communities to help empower existing resources with a focus on social infrastructure, training and professional development, resource development, resource coordination, and multi-dimensional resource mapping.

Asage Marketing

Asage Marketing is a Maryland-based marketing organization that believes in integrating the principles of trauma-informed care into all aspects of its business.

Monte Ephraim LCSW-C

Monte Ephraim, LCSW-C has signed onto the partner covenant as an individual.  We welcome her to the team!

The Maryland State Council on Child Abuse & Neglect

The Maryland State Council on Child Abuse and Neglect (SCCAN) advises Maryland’s Governor and Legislature on systems’ improvements to prevent, detect, prosecute and treat child abuse and neglect.  Prevention of child maltreatment and other ACEs before they occur is SCCAN’s top priority. SCCAN co-leads Maryland’s CDC sponsored Essentials for Childhood efforts to promote safe, stable and nurturing relationships and environments for all children and prevent child maltreatment and other ACEs.

Star Track Adolescent Health Program

The Adolescent “STAR TRACK” Program offers outreach, education and prevention services to youth, young adults, and their communities with a focus on engaging young people to take control of their health on their own terms. The program also encourages communities, adults, and teenagers, to discuss sexual health issues since young people are vulnerable to HIV and STIs.

Pledges to Take Action

The following individuals have taken a pledge to take positive action in their communities toward building a more thriving Baltimore.

Claudia Remington

David Brown

Kelly Crawford

Nneka Nnamdi

Kelvin Parker

Molly Greenberg

Liz Oppenheim

Anne Hilb

Rosalyn Williams

Peter Modlin

Patrick Henderson

Philip Leaf

Sante Johnson

Rebecca Savidge

Courtney Potter

Crystal Phillips

Lucy Cerqueira

Jeanne Monique Nandjou

Geneva A. Harris

Akai Alston

Emily Bryson

Celeste David

Ross Pologe

Ditte Moeller

Katrina Mooring

Eliza Cooper

Barbara Fitzgerald

Mary Antonucci

Mary Gunning