Mission & Goals


The Thriving Communities Collaborative mission is to build a movement of powerful, informed citizens who integrate trauma informed principles into their lives and organizations in order to promote thriving communities and systemic change.


  • Stimulate and support those who work in youth- and family- serving systems to reform systemic behaviors, procedures and structures to reflect trauma-informed practice.
  • Mobilize and inform members of the community, including youth and families, about the sources of trauma, sources of resilience, and trauma-informed daily practice leveraging media such as the Wounded Places video and best practices in community engagement.
  • Provide, advance, promote and generate training and professional development opportunities across the community to heighten the capacity of systems to leverage the knowledge gained from ACES awareness and to engage in trauma-informed practice.
  • Impact how funding is being used and how legislation  and policies are being developed in order to further drive systemic change through incorporation of trauma informed principles.